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Here follows the most frequently asked questions by our visitors and the proper answers:
1: Is it safe to use hacks and cheats for clash royale?
1A: From our experience, it is way better for you to become expert in the field by using common sense and practical combinations instead of using instant resource generating tools. Why? Imagine you being in the top 10 of the game and you get into the championship. What will you do? Will you be able to compete with everyone there?

2: I can not get better. Now what?
2A: Then we are sorry, we can not help in that matter. That means either you are not trying hard enough or you simply are not for strategy games.

3: How do you know so much about the game and why should we read your blog?
3A: Everything we write on this website is from our personal experience. We provide our most useful tactics and information to the public, completely free. It is up to you whether you will want to use and follow up, or you will just use our website as a daily e-gaming magazine.

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