Clash Royale Winning Guides – Is it worth the effort?

Once upon a time, in the now distant 2016, a bunch of gaming enthusiasts came together (for the second time) and made their second now ultra popular game.

It was a game similar to many others, indeed even similar to their first attempt (the clash of clans). Albeit with a small difference - it took off like a interstellar missile onto the mobile gaming scene and stayed at the very top since then. We are, of course, talking about the Clash Royale.

Simple in its design, and yet infinitely fun to play. I mean, it is not just a bunch of duels to get cards right? Way different than just a standard trading card game. And that thought crossed everyone's mind for the first three or so seconds. Right up until their first game. Then everyone saw the complexity which made this game stand out.

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You have to pay attention to what you are using, when, and what are the level difference between yours and your opponent cards, as that plays a big difference in the outcome. But for this explanation lets strip it down to the bare minimum. In its basic form, it is a card based PVP brawler.

There are two currencies employed in the game: the standard - gold/coins and the premium - gems. After every match you gain a random amount of each (you gain more if you win, naturally) and a chest containing new cards of a random strength (Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary). The chest has a timer so you have to wait the specified time to use it. As in all games, it starts out short and then lengthens to quite a lot more, as in several days. Don't worry though, you can speed this process up by spending gems. In addition to that the coins are used to buy more chests and upgrade your cards' level.

How to properly play Clash Royale?

As you may know, not everyone want and can spend real money to can purchase in-game resources. That is why we present you the newest clash royale tricks. It is totally safe and clean to use because it is online and you do not have to download anything.

Does using any of these clash royale methods makes the game easier?

And as almost every game that came out for the Android and iOS player base in the last couple of years - there is a slight catch (of course, there had to be). The game offers you to buy gems for real life currency, making it so it encourages pay to win mentality in its players. And this opens up another problem - affordability. Not everyone can pay what the game requires. Some are forced to play the game at a disadvantage just because of that. And you can get away with that handicap... for a time.

Eventually you will progress to a level that is filled with pay to win players and you feel like you are a clown fish in a tank full of sharks. Not a pretty picture, we know, as we have been there!

That is why we have created this website, this blog, so you can always stay updated with the latest information and get the most of our base of videos, tutorials and tools so that you become one of the top players without your previous expertise. How cool, isn't it?

Getting the best of the clash royale game!

Along our guides and tips page and all the blog posts we make, we selected the best of all youtube videos with the worth-watching explanations. Every single video is our personal selection and you should always be sure that the selection will never make you doubt!

Part of our video tutorials from our fellow YouTubers (players that do not use any forbidden tool or cheat) can be seen in addition.