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Before we start talking about the clash royale hack, lets see what is all this game about and what is the history of it.

2 years ago, in 2016 a group of programmers and designers previously known for creating the best strategy game clash of clans, made this so called clash royale game. The game’s point is to win as much battles as possible against your opponents so you can upgrade your desk cards, buy new warriors and get the highest arena level possible.

You might ask, how do I achieve that? Well, to be able to upgrade your cards and do all the other stuff you have to have gems and coins. After every battle, you get a random amount (less if you lose the fight) of coins and very small amount of gems. You also receive a chest that after the opening time pass, you are able to use it. From it you can get a desk card from a different power type (Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary).

The gems and coins will help with this? If you wait for every chest’s timer to go off by itself it could take days to open them all, but when you have the gems you can open them immediately so you can make fast upgrades. And the coins are here to help you buy bonus chests and upgrade the cards level.


Does the clash royale hack tool makes this easier?

As every free to play game on the Android and iOS market, it is possible for you to buy these resources through their in-game shop. The real problem is that the prices are really high for some people. Which lead them to do not be able to get the needed stuff on any other way. That is why there are clash royale hacks over the internet created by programmers. They try to help for those in need of game resources. The trick behind this is nothing big but just simply sending packets for generating those resources. However, there are some limitations that are made on purpose so that the game does not lose the real meaning but just help you get to the point so you can fight versus those that started the game long before you and paid a lot of money to get there.

clash royale hack

How to use the clash royale hack tools

These few simple steps are required to be followed to can use any clash royale online generator for gems:

  1. Find a working and verified website that is able to provide a generator
  2. Enter your game username in the given field (DO NOT enter your password anywhere)
  3. Select the options as presented
  4. Click the Generate button and wait until everything is finished

However, you always need to be careful about using these kind of generators and just use those that are up to date with the latest updates of clash royale because otherwise your account might get a temporary ban (usually it is for about 24 hours for up to 3 days). We recommend that you first read the comments (if enabled) of the others users before even trying.

Do you provide this kind of tool?

Our newest gems generator is simple on design and very easy to use (everything is ONLINE, you do not have to download anything at all!). You just enter your game tag and the number of gems and coins you want (maximum is 25.000 of both). Have in mind that the adding might take up to 24 hours. If for some reason this does not work for you or a new update come before we even notice, you can use the “It does not work” button to remind us to check it. You can however always get in touch with us using the e-mail from our contact page.


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Getting better and stronger without using any clash royale hack and cheat. Is it possible?

If you are scared of using any of these free hacks and want to manually build up your presence in the game then don’t worry! We have prepared a very detailed guide for you (Click the guides and tips link from the menu above) where you can learn all the tricks that can be used to be able to win a battle using just your brain and tactics.

You can also check this video made from one of our friends, where he is explaining all the methods he use to can win in a battle:


Check our website as often as possible so you always get the latest news and information about many wonderful games and the latest updates for many hacks, especially our new clash royale hack tool!